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Ancient Greece
Ducksters - Ancient Greece Mythology
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Fact Monster - Olympian Gods and Goddesses
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The Labours of Heracles
The Story of Medusa and Athena
This story describes how the beautiful Medusa was changed into a hideous monster as a result of her vain ways.
The Story of Perseus
This is the story of Perseus and how he decapitated Medusa
Clash of the Titans (original)
Video Clip where Perseus battles with Medusa (4 minute youtube video)
Storytime: Persius and Medusa
Three part macromedia flash story.

Arts and Crafts

Medusa Craft
This is a fun and simple color, cut and paste paper craft that uses a toilet paper roll as a base to give it a three dimensional effect.
Monsters Coloring Pages
You will find several coloring pages of Medusa as well as other mythical monsters.
Medusa Mask and Shield
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