42eXploreThis is year five of our 42eXplore project. We now have over 200 themes in this topic archive! We frequently update projects in our Topic Index as well as each of the subject areas above. Go to What's New? to learn about recent changes.
Apples 4 the TeacherA fun educational site for teachers and kids. Information for all subject areas.
BlackwellCompilation of various internet hunts and searches.
Electricity WebquestLearn about electricity: how it's generated, it's uses, and, a little bit about Ben Franklin. Then...share your findings with you class.
Government Scavenger Hun
Great Graphs WebquestA math webquest created by Mrs. Schaefer at EAMS 5/6.
Internet Scavenger HuntsMany great internet hunts. There is a hunt for just about any theme or holiday you can think of. It also includes an answer key for teachers.
Into the AmazonAn internet hunt to find facts about the Amazon rainforest. By Scholastic.
Martin Luther King Jr. Scavenger HuntAn Internet scavenger hunt for students in grades 2-6. Use the Web site provided to learn about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Student work sheet included.
Scavenger Hunt Archives from Education WorldCollection of scavenger hunts for theme-related classroom activities and lessons.
Scholastic CyberhuntPrimary scavenger hunt
ThinkQuestGood place to start when looking for quality content web quests. Search by name or category.
Valentine's WebquestThis is a quick webquest for Valentine's Day, complete with a link to a Tic-Tac-Toe game for those early finishers. Cute!
Webquest PageUse the portal to search for appropriate webquests by title, subject, grade level or rating.
WebQuestsA list of WebQuests and Internet Scavenger Hunts
Whitehouse for KidsGreat site for info. on Presidents. Games, Activities. Not all the videos work, however.
World Fact Book