ABC YA! contains dozens of educational games for K-6 grade students.
abcYA Word Cloud creator This is a very easy word cloud creator. It does not require login or any names.
Academic Skill Builders
American Museum of Natural History - Learn & Teach
Animal Cams Live cameras observe animals at the National Zoo. Don't forget to read and learn more about each animal on this site!
A Place for Educational Games
Arcademic Skill Builders
ArtBot from Professor Garfield. Learn to draw and sculpt from the artists of Garfield.
Artopia lets you explore art, music, theatre, and more. You can also create an online portfolio.

Book-A-Day Almanac
Brain Bashers Logic problems, puzzles, optical illusions, and more.
Brain Boosters from Discovery Education
Build Yourself Wild! from New York Zoos and Aquarium
Bubble Wrap POP!

Can You See What I See? An I Spy game from Scholastic
Capstone Site for Kids
Charlie and Lola is a super fun site with games, coloring, song time, story time and more.
Chess for Kids From Thinkquest.
Children's Museum of Indianapolis activity page
Computer Lab Favorites from Scholastic- 50 One-Stop Learning Activities
Cyberchaseis a TON of of games from PBS Kids!

DogoNews Current events for kids

eLearning for Kids is organized by grade and subject level. There are tons of games to choose from on eLearning for Kids.
Exploring Time Films and activities using time-lapse photography.

Fold an origami crane
Fraboom, Online Children's Museum
FreeRice.comTake quizzes on a variety of subjects. Each correct answer earns 10 grains of rice donated through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger.
Funology Boredom busters, wacky facts, games, and more.

Game Classroom- Language Arts for K-6th Graders
Game Classroom- Math Games for K-6th Graders
GameGoo is a place for lots of educational reading games!
Geography Games-Digital Dialects features tons of great geography games on countries, states, land formations, capitals, and much more.
GirlsGoTech from the Girl Scouts website

How to Love Your Dog Pet care.

I SPY Gamesfrom Scholastic

Jackson Pollock site Get ready to drip paint! Click your mouse to change colors.
Just Crosswords has a puzzle maker with which you can build crossword puzzles, save them, print them, or embed into your website.

Kerpoof is an online comic-creator which allows students to create comic scenes, stories, animated movies, drawings, doodles and pictures.
KidsSpell is a fun way to improve your spelling.
KOL-AOL for Kids Jr. is for younger students (P-2)

Little Brown FUN Gamesbased on popular a game based on Maximum Ride!

Make snowflakes Simulated paper snowflakes - just point and click!
Math for math
Morse Code Generator
My American Farm created by American Farm Bureau

Online Basic Skill Games - Jefferson County Schools
Online Kids Jukebox
Optical Illusions From the Exploratorium.

PBS Kids
Pete's Power Point Station
Pigeon Presents Web Site by Mo Willems
Primary Games Arenacontains over 700 SUPER games to play! Everyone will find something here.
Professor Garfield has a TON of great interactive games; learning rooms for art, music and other subjects; comic creators; and much more!

Roy the Tale of a Singing Zebra is a place to find tons of interactive games, stories and resources developed to help emerging readers learn to read.

Scholastic Newszone
A Secret in the Cellar....a written in bone forensic mystery from Colonial America
Smithsonian Kids
Snowdays - make your own snowflake
Spin and Spell students select a picture and then spell the name of the item. Or, students can have a word selected for them and then identify the correct image.
Spelling Citynot only offers games, it also offers the capability for students to type a word and hear it pronounced.
Story Maker is an incredible interactive site to create your very own stories.
SwitcherooZoomake your own new animals at this photorealistic virtual zoo.

Tales from the Glove Box is a super fun interactive reading site!
The Science of Baseball Could you hit a pitch from the major leagues? Test your reaction time, from the Exploratorium.
Toy Theatreis a collection of early learning activities.

Vicky Cobb's //We Dare You// science videos

Who Pooped!

Zimmer Twins is a great site for introducing elementary school students to making simple animated video stories. I was impressed with all of the safe guards for young students on this site. On the Zimmer Twins site students can create a story from scratch or complete one of the "cliff hanger" story starters.
Zuitube has one of the largest free collections of videos for kids on the internet. It is brought to us by YouTube!

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