Below are some reading skills and strategies that teachers can use with their students so they can use technology more proficiently when they are searching the internet. 6 strategies for searching the internet: Eagleton & Guinee (2002) *Activating a student's prior knowledge will make their search more successful and meaningful
1. Be specific - try to narrow your focus
4. Be distinct - don't repeat your focus
2. Be exact - use only words/phrases you want to find
5. Be succinct - try to eliminate unnecessary words
3. Be direct - only search one focus at a time
6. Be concise - carefully & thoughtfully select keywords
  • Locating information in your search is extremely important. All your other decisions and functions rely on the search process.
  • Know what type of search engine you are using. Some search engines use text matching while others are organized by categories.
  • Ways they search: text matching and frequency of a word appearing on a page and also search how the pages are linked together.
  • The more a word appears and the more pages it is linked to then the higher ranked that website becomes.
  • A lot of the times the sites that are ranked higher are the results of fees that are paid to the search engine to rank their site high (Sponsors).

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